December 01, 2014

Hello. I clearly have no idea what I am doing. This is simply just a space for me to put all of my scrambled thoughts into a somewhat constructive manner and use my time and energy into a creative outlet. There is a reason that I am introducing myself to the blogosphere wearing distressed boyfriend jeans and a white shirt. I am a minimalist at heart - and that goes for everything, the only thing I do in excess is shop. That's right, I shop. A lot. I think that there is something exhilarating finding something that is either flattering, a great bargain or something that is extremely unique (hello over-the-knee suede Witchery boots!).

The best thing about having a minimalistic style is that the boundaries are non-existent even though many other people are led to believe otherwise. In my very humble opinion, having a minimalistic style allows you to experiment with extreme or somewhat outlandish silhouettes and textures without looking like you stepped out from some elaborate Grace Coddington editorial. I believe that minimalistic pieces have a key emphasis on construction and quality, the two things I look for when I am buying something.

A lot of fashion doesn't make sense, but minimalism just simply does.

Lisa x
Photo by Lily Van
Wearing CO by Cotton On Jeans (similar) and Uniqlo Shirt

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  1. I love that Cotton On has a CO range now! All their stuff is so much nicer! Looking good! x