June 08, 2015

There is something undeniable about an all black, well tailored ensemble. I don't tend to wear flashy things, in fact, the one top you will see me most in is just simple, white and long-sleeved. It isn't just because it's white. It's because it's comfortable, easy to wear and you could never possibly go wrong. The same goes for an all black set of slim fit trousers, top and cape. This cape was one hell of a find from Forever 21. It has structure but it doesn't have the dreaded shoulder pad look and it also removes any pretentious vibes that draping your jacket over your shoulder brings (even though I am a full supporter of that). I tend to find looks like these make it seem like I have my life together. Give a girl a power suit and she can conquer the world. Maybe.

Lisa x
Photographed by Lily Van
Wearing Asos Top, Forever 21 Cape (similar), Cotton On Trousers (similar) and Lipstik Shoes