Beating Semester Blues

July 27, 2015

Another semester of uni is about to begin and I am clearly not ready to go. I haven’t even recovered from the last research paper for Transnational Media. The unfortunate reality for me and for many others is that this semester will be our last. 

I’m sure that there is an unsettling feeling amongst the elder statesmen and women of the undergrads. The utter excitement that we no longer have to endure tutorials, lectures and late nights finishing that assignment that was due that morning. Then there is the other side where this disturbing anxiety is probably riddling our thoughts every single waking moment that we will in time have to face the real world and get a ‘real fancy’ job – the pure definition of a quarter life crisis. Personally speaking, I am more of the latter, it’s getting so bad that I am seriously considering doing a masters degree to buy some more time and that’s saying something.

To ensure that I am being as prepared as I can be, I have rounded up my essentials for the best (I hope) semester yet.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and Benefit Gimme Brow – These two products will be the ones that will make it look like I did not stay up until 3 am doing an assignment and have my life together. I am on my third tube the Nars concealer and I don’t see it going away anytime soon. It’s great for covering my ghastly under eye circles and concealing any spots. Benefit’s Gimme Brow is also one of my quick fixes. I obviously much prefer sleep to perfecting the brows and it has proven time and time again to be a great staple in those early morning rushes.

Kikki K A5 Daily Leather Diary and A6 Bonded Leather Notebook – Admittedly, I haven’t been a big user of physical diaries, often opting for my calendar on my iPhone. Now, I have found value in physically writing down appointments and due dates into a diary. I also have an additional notebook to record any expenses – which will certainly help. You do not want to finish uni with nothing in your bank account.

Kikki K A5 To Do List Pad – Speaking of physically writing things down, I am all for writing to do lists. I anticipate that the final semester is going stressful and hectic whilst balancing eveything else. Being able to see all the tasks that need to be done is going to help manage time and hold yourself accountable. The matching A4 Weekly Planner Pad is also another good addition to start planning out your week on Sunday nights.

Byredo Inflorescence EDP – This is a clean scent that will cut out the process of deciding which scent to go with. It’s also non-offensive and subtle so if an unfortunate soul happens to sit next to me in a lecture, they won’t be silently thinking to themselves that this girl sprayed way too much.

In terms of the wardrobe, keep it simple: black trousers, a solid tee and a nice knit to keep you warm (the uni sweatshirt is of course, absolutely acceptable). Whatever you do, do not turn up in sweatpants, at least give off the appearance that you have got it together and not looking like you spent your night and morning on Netflix. Remember that university presents you prime opportunity to network with your peers and your tutors, don’t waste the opportunity to do so in sweatpants.

Here is to a semester full of work, late nights and unfinished readings because this is the beginning of the end.
Photography and Styling by Lisa Van

Products Pictured
Photo 2: ASOS Trousers and Top (similar), Country Road Cardigan and Windsor Smith Boots


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  1. Love the sweatpants tip. It's like listen we know you spend all your free time on netflix but we shouldn't be able to know that when we look at you.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination